Pineworld Learning Solution Pvt. Ltd. was established on 31 August 2015 by a team of young and dynamic leaders. The mission is to bring out books that represent 
exemplary standards of publishing. These books employ the most modern and proven approaches towards the shaping of young minds. Our school text books have
been widely accepted and appreciated by learners and educators for their quality content, high editorial standards, aesthetic design and top-class production values. We have a
wide and varied product range in both conventional and digital formats and offer a host of support services.

Our books are carefully and attractively designed by our experts to make learning an interesting, creative and fun-filled experience.

“Each series is carefully graded and utmost care is taken in designing and framing the level of teaching methodology, designing, presentation and pedagogical
effectiveness. The best illustration of this missionary zeal can be found in the newsletter "Vocab Buzz" developed by Pineworld for effective English Language

The market response and the acceptance of our books by schools across India, has been excellent. Starting from Navi Mumbai, the company has gradually spread
across India and now has offices in various cities.

Pineworld Learning Solution Pvt. Ltd. is driven by values, backed by experience, powered by the best talent and ready for the future. This makes us not only a
pioneer in educational products and services but indeed the first choice for modern educators and discerning parents.